Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled and searching for a deeper purpose in your work and life? Our team of experienced spiritual life coaches can help you tap into your inner wisdom, connect with the universe, and transform your life on a deep spiritual level. With our guidance, you'll learn to define success on your own terms and align with your values for a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

There’s no denying that spirituality is an important part of life.

As the world becomes more unpredictable and uncertain, more and more people are looking for those who can help them find inner peace and spiritual truth.

I am helping individuals achieve deeper purpose, happiness, and wisdom in their work and life. I provide guidance and support to transform their lives on a spiritual level, bringing lasting joy, success, and satisfaction. Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between spirituality and mental health, and those who are more spiritual tend to enjoy better health and well-being.

I understand that spirituality means different things to different people. Some view it as adherence to a mystical belief system, while others see it as a way of life that goes beyond traditional milestones of success. However, I believe that spirituality is about taking ownership of one's life in alignment with the laws of the Universe, creating profound joy and fulfillment. This can involve connecting with the Universe and a divine power.

I have noticed a growing interest in spirituality in recent years, as people try to make sense of an ever-changing and unpredictable world, and seek answers to existential questions. I am here to offer support and guidance on this spiritual journey.

This is definitely for you if you want...

  • Recognising your True Self
  • Releasing Internal Blocks
  • Connecting with the divine
  • Cultivate Inner Calm
  • Developing Lasting Self-Empowerment
  • integrate Spiritual Practices
  • Practicing Authentic Gratitude
  • Discovering True Calling

I will help you get past your “past programming” including beliefs and thoughts that have been inserted and inherited from culture, gender, society, family and other external influences. In this way, I will help you get to know your true self and make choices and decisions that are fully in alignment with what you truly want.

Internal blocks include negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and past experiences that hold you back from achieving your dreams and desires. I will help you unhook from these internal blocks so you are free to pursue and consciously create a life and build relationships that light you up and in a way that feels expansive and inspiring.

I help clients to discover or connect with the divine aspects of life. This allows you to honor the part of yourself that gains strength, purpose and comfort from building a relationship with nature, with the cosmos, and with the laws of the universe that many believe govern all things, all living beings and all of existence.

Clients who want to find a pathway to deep inner peace and calm in a world that is often in chaos will benefit greatly from doing this work. I can guide you to work with tools and techniques – such as meditation and breathing techniques – to generate a deep and unshakeable inner tranquility. Over time, working with me can help you build compassion and resilience in the face of difficult challenges, no matter what else is going on in the world.

I can help you build a lasting sense of empowerment, confidence, and will to achieve your goals from a place of truth, purpose and compassion. This is an empowerment that comes from developing your intuition and a sense of deep self-trust that allows you to walk through the world knowing that your choices are for the greater good of yourself and for all whose lives you will touch.

A lot of the hardship and pain of day-to-day life can be traced back to a root cause – the inability to identify and appreciate the good things in life. While I can help you release and dissolve negative thoughts, beliefs, and experiences to achieve your goals; you can also recognize the positive by tapping into authentic gratitude. In this way, I support you to build on achievements, successes and everything else that’s going well in your life so you can experience genuine joy and fulfillment.

Clients often work with me to help them discover their purpose in life in terms of the work they do in the world. Discovering your true calling is something a lot of life coaches do, but with spiritual life coaching there is an added aspect of doing so in resonance with spiritual values such as truth, service, love, and generosity.


Hi! I’m Jordy Jaarsma, a guide for deep transformation and fulfilment!

As a spiritual life coach, I assist you in discovering your true identity and reason for being. Together, we will define success based on your the perspective of your soul.

We will delve into the world of the unseen, exploring the root causes of difficulties, challenges, and problems, and how your beliefs and thoughts shape your life experiences.

Our coaching sessions incorporate a blend of both conventional and esoteric techniques, including pranayama, meditation, energy healing, and yoga, as well as philosophical and psychological approaches with a spiritual focus. We will work on releasing limiting beliefs and embracing a conscious, spiritual life.

I am here to guide 10,000 people to reconnect with their spirituality, bring more peace, love and compassion to the world by helping more people connect with their true self and do work that matters to them.

Are you ready to define success on your own terms and align with your spiritual values? Let's work together to get to the root of your difficulties and challenges, and help you create the life you truly want through the lens of your beliefs and thoughts.

Don't let the world's pressures and uncertainties hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life by contacting me today. I look forward to supporting you on this journey and helping you discover your true self and live a life of profound joy and satisfaction.

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Soulful Solutions
Letizia Xiuh - Healer & Retreat Host

“My alignment session with Jordy was precious. I got to receive one-on-one transmission where I received so many tools and fun structures to enjoy being organized and efficient and how to take care of myself and my spiritual needs and self-care times.

His offerings carry a complete balance between creating a business and being a human, involving heart and mind into manifestation.
Highly recommend! ”

Healer & Retreat Host

Soulful Solutions
Martu Libre - Artist, Event Manager, & Coach

“After a meetup with Jordy, I was going through a period of mixed ideas, feelings, emotions and was about to quit a couple of my projects. I never felt like this before in projects. I needed professional help. 
And I decided to invest the last bit of my savings in having an Interview with him. 
By sitting down with him for some hours, little by little, I started feeling things untangling and falling into place. By the end of the session, I felt way more confident and relieved by just having things organized and worked out on paper.
Jordy has patience, a kind and straightforward approach that helped me see things from a different perspective, and he shared handy tools that are helping me cope and move forward with the many tasks and ideas for all my projects. Highly recommend him!”

Artist, Event Manager, & Coach

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"Transform your life from within, awaken your spiritual journey to find true joy and fulfillment."

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Soulful Solutions
Sylwia - Holistic Life Coach

“Jordy is a fantastic Life Coach who creates a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere during his sessions. He’s got a lot of helpful knowledge about business, marketing and sales, and psychology.
Since I have started working with Jordy, I structured my business, set up my website, and created offerings. He pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and helped me grow. He taught me a lot about business that I had no idea about and did it in an inspiring way.
I highly recommend working with Jordy if you need help with your business or have other issues in life that need attention.”

Holistic Life Coach

Soulful Solutions
Collin Chambers - Author, and founder of WildWood Magic

“Jordy holds a beautiful space! His experience and expertise shine brightly through all of his events. I highly recommend anyone wishing to bring their business to the next level to work with Jordy. He is a spiritual business consultant master! ”

Author, and founder of WildWood Magic

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Soulful Solutions
D. Laurier - Former Governmental Advisor

“Jordy has a kind, caring enthusiasm grounded in practical reality that helped me see the big picture of planning my ultimate life. The tools he brought to my attention and the space he holds revealed his dedication to this vital work of supporting and guiding me to weave together what I want and how to make my ultimate life tangible. I'd go so far as to say a wise, fun, and tough-love approach comes from Jordy's essence, which makes his service all the more valuable.”

Former Governmental Advisor

Soulful Solutions
Diana Lake - Spiritual Life Coach specialised in Trauma Recovery

“Receiving Jordy's coaching was exactly what I needed in my life. His guidance gave me clarity in and around the following steps to take for growth in my personal life and business. Jordy's motivation and focus are contagious! And his line of questioning reminded me of my dreams and goals and that I have everything in me to build the business I want.”

Spiritual Life Coach specialised in Trauma Recovery

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