How I Can Help

Through Coaching, Consultancy, Courses, Workshops, and Private Classes, I help executives and entrepreneurs in achieving greater purpose, equilibrium, and tranquility to improve their overall well-being, and happiness, so they can continue making a positive impact in the world.

 I empower people to be their most authentic self and help them create a life that not only looks good from the outside,
but also feels good from the inside, without the worry & stress. 

The work I did with Jordy was terrific!
Even in just one session, I was able to clarify the next steps in my business, projects and had a clear approach to setting up my personal productivity system.

He understood where I was stuck and what I needed. He focussed the session on the critical topics that needed to be covered, and that was exactly what I needed. It was one of the most productive and valuable meetings in my life! While continue working with him, I 100% recommend him!"
~ J. Tierno (Co-founder Academia Trabajo Virtual)

A Short Video of One of my Workshops

Executive Coach,
Business Coach,
Breath-Work Instructor,
Meditation & 
Yoga Teacher

More About Me

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What I Can Help you With

      • Anchoring the Essence of Your Dreams
      • Becoming more Conscious & Mindful
        • Mastering Time-Management - Balance
        • Building a Beautiful Business
        • Setting up a Smart, Soulful Strategy
        • Mindful Marketing & Sacred Sales
        • Stress-Free Productivity
    • Learning Meditation, Breath-work or Yoga
    • Create Stillness of the Mind,
    • Goal-setting & Making better Decisions 
    • Deepening your Emotional Intelligence
    • Keeping you Accountable
    • Living with Purpose, Meaning, and Design
    • Lead with Love and Light


All my offerings are focused on guiding you into your purest potential.

You are often tired...
Not because you've done too much,
But because you've done to little
of what sparks the fire in you!

I want for you, that you remember who you are! Uncover what truly drives you and find your secret to fulfilment. Restore your sense of drive and commitment, recognise your inherent resources and strengths. Develop a greater understanding of yourself, of others, and the world around you. Stimulate your sense of social responsibility, and make sure that at the end of your beautiful life, you won’t have any regrets.


Coaching options

Pick the option that best fits your needs.

Executive Coaching

PCI Executive coaching

This type of coaching is focusing on leadership development, improving communication skills, raise your awareness and managing stress in the workplace. You may be high-level executives or individual in a leadership position who want to improve your performance, consciousness, and effectiveness.

Business Coaching

PCI Soulful Business Coaching

This type of coaching is focusing on specific areas of business such as strategy, sales, marketing, operations, or the organisation. You may be an entrepreneur or business owner who is looking to improve your business skills and grow your business, manage your time effectively, and grow as a conscious entrepreneur.

Spiritual Life Coaching

PCI Spiritual Life Coaching.png

This type of coaching is focusing on helping individuals connect with their spirituality, find meaning and purpose in their life, and achieve a sense of inner peace and balance. You may be someone who is interested in personal growth and development, mindfulness, or spirituality, and are looking for practices and guidance on growing your awareness.

The greatest sin you can commit against your own life
is to know what you want and not to act.

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